ucclogoThe First Congregational UCC of Benzonia was organized in the summer of 1860. The church was founded by the first settlers of Benzonia and for the first two years met at the home of the founder of the community. It was constituted in pursuance of the purpose to found in northern Michigan a Christian Colony and College based upon the general plan of Oberlin Colony and College.

In 1961 the church approved the constitution of the United Church of Christ. In April 1964 the church adopted a completely new set of by-laws.

Plans were made for the construction of the present church and in 1968 this building was completed and occupied.

The purpose for which this church is organized is to worship and labor together according to the faith and usages of churches of the Congregational heritage within the United Church of Christ.

“And . . . The . . .

… Lord passed by,” as it says in The Good Book (I Kings 19). As the Lord continues to pass by, The First Congregational Church (UCC) of Benzonia is strengthened for ministry and mission.

It all began in the middle years of the 19th century when a group of Ohio Congregationalists came to the top of the hill, there to build a school and a church, there to preach and to teach, that the Good News might be heard and the oppressed set free.

As the Lord passes by, the people of the church find vision and courage to be God’s people of justice and peace. From this comes life’s greatest joys and blessings.

We are eager to share such blessings with you. We invite you to “pass by” the church, to share in our ministry and mission, that together we might know the joys and blessings that God intends.