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Title: Administrative Assistant

Purpose of Position: To maintain an orderly church office supporting the ongoing ministry of the congregation.


  • Have at least a high school equivalent education or more.
  • Proficient in: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Access, Accounting Programs, use of office equipment.
  • Timeliness and accuracy.
  • Have good communication skills and management of information that is both sensitive and confidential.

Responsibilities and Duties:


    1. Keep regular office hours at the church: 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, unlocking doors of church and The Barn upon arrival if necessary.
    2. Pick up mail at the Benzonia Post Office and distribute as necessary.
    3. Answer the phone, check email, and distribute messages to the appropriate office.
    4. Be responsible for all clerical work, for all committees of the church and the pastor.
    5. Keep office area neat and organized.
    6. Produce the bulletin for each Sunday’s worship service, as well as bulletins for special services of the church.
    7. Maintain the calendar of all events taking place in church buildings.
    8. Maintain a list of all members and friends of the church who are hospitalized or need to be included on the church’s prayer list.
    9. Prepare and distribute the church’s monthly newsletter and other bulk mailings of the church.
    10. Send a weekly email update.
    11. Maintain the church’s various mailing lists, noting changes of address for those who live in other locations for portions of the year.
    12. Assist the church Clerk in keeping membership lists current as well as keeping records of baptisms, weddings, and funerals.
    13. Record worship attendance.
    14. Order needed office supplies, stewardship supplies, and offering envelopes.
    15. Maintain office equipment.
    16. Order flowers for church as needed.
    17. Update basic information: church schedules, information on website, recorded messages etc.
    18. Keep track of building use, issuing keys as necessary.
    19. Handle emergency situations ie: plumbing, heating problems, or equipment breakdowns, by calling the appropriate service providers and notifying a member of the Building and Grounds Committee.
    20. Complete other duties as assigned by the pastor.


    1. Collect and record all pledges, miscellaneous funds and other offerings received.
    2. Deposit proceeds in the bank and notify the church treasurer and pastor of amounts.
    3. Send out quarterly statements to individuals, showing pledge amount, payment received, and date received, mailed or electronically.
    4. Report to the Board of Trustees on the status of pledging as needed/requested.
    5. Give estimates of potential receipts to the Stewardship Committee and Board of Trustees as needed/requested.
    6. Notify Memorial Committee as donations are received.

Additional Information:

It may be necessary at the pastor’s request to work additional hours to complete an assignment. The Administrative Assistant will be paid on the 15th day of each month, and again on the last day of the month, subject to the required withholding.

Time Requirement: No less than 15 hours per week

Salary: Negotiable with Board of Trustees

Vacation: Annual 15 days Paid Time Off (PTO) with no roll over to following year. All time approved by Pastor.

Supervised by: Board of Trustees with guidance of pastor

This relationship may be terminated by the Administrative Assistant, the Trustees or the Pastor. Acknowledgement of this job description does not create a contract of employment.

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